State grant will revive work stalled since ’08 at Tuolumne Regional

By Ken Carl­son

State offi­cials Tues­day announced a $2.2 mil­lion grant to Modesto for build­ing the next phase of Tuolumne River Regional Park.

The money comes from Propo­si­tion 84, a statewide ini­tia­tive approved by vot­ers in 2006 to pay for flood con­trol, nat­ural resource, park and con­ser­va­tion projects.

The Cal­i­for­nia Nat­ural Resources Agency gath­ered with local offi­cials at Modesto’s Beard Brook Park to award $31 mil­lion to develop 31 river park­ways in the state. The Modesto grant was the sec­ond– largest, a lit­tle less than the $2.5 mil­lion for Long Beach.

Gateway Parcel

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