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$2.2M given for Modesto park

State grant will revive work stalled since ’08 at Tuolumne Regional

By Ken Carl­son

State offi­cials Tues­day announced a $2.2 mil­lion grant to Modesto for build­ing the next phase of Tuolumne River Regional Park.

The money comes from Propo­si­tion 84, a statewide ini­tia­tive approved by vot­ers in 2006 to pay for flood con­trol, nat­ural resource, park and con­ser­va­tion projects.

The Cal­i­for­nia Nat­ural Resources Agency gath­ered with local offi­cials at Modesto’s Beard Brook Park to award $31 mil­lion to develop 31 river park­ways in the state. The Modesto grant was the sec­ond– largest, a lit­tle less than the $2.5 mil­lion for Long Beach.

Gateway Parcel

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Park Partners Program

The first step in the Park Part­ners Pro­gram starts when the com­mu­nity expresses an inter­est in devel­op­ing a project in a park or park facil­ity. Next, the City then helps orga­nize a vol­un­teer labor group and, if needed, a fund-raising effort. The com­mu­nity will then install the project under super­vi­sion from City staff.  For more infor­ma­tion, click here.

Bold, bio-inspired, ver­ti­cal and sus­tain­able: those are the traits that archi­tec­ture of the future will share, if you go by the trends in cur­rent cutting-edge con­cept designs. While some of these archi­tec­tural con­cepts will never become real­ity, oth­ers are already in progress or slated to begin con­struc­tion soon. From a sparkling urban farm inspired by a dragonfly’s wing to a dystopian con­cept that embraces genetic engi­neer­ing, here are 12 amaz­ing designs that give us a peek into what the future may bring.


Mancini Park

Loca­tion: South­west cor­ner of River Road and Hern­don Road

Cur­rent Improve­ments: While part of the TRRP, Mancini Park func­tions as a neigh­bor­hood park for res­i­dents to the south of the Tuolumne River who live in the imme­di­ate vicin­ity of the park. After review­ing the exist­ing park lay­out, the update will encom­pass revi­sions to the park site to include locat­ing the restroom and play areas closer to Hern­don Road, revis­ing the open turf and ball field areas, incor­po­rat­ing her­itage learn­ing areas into the park site and pro­vid­ing a tran­si­tion from native tree and shrub plant­i­ngs near the Tuolumne River influ­ence to the devel­oped park.

Sched­ule: Design update began March 2008, pub­lic meet­ings were held in August 2008 with approval of the final design and mas­ter plan update sched­uled for 2009. For more infor­ma­tion, call (209) 571‑5573 or e-mail

Virginia Corridor Trailway

Loca­tion: East of Col­lege Avenue, along the Union Pacific Rail­way Cor­ri­dor, from Need­ham Street, North to Bangs Avenue

In May 2008, the con­trac­tor has com­pleted Phases III and IV of the Vir­ginia Cor­ri­dor Trail from Col­lege to Rose­burg Avenues, and from Orange­burg to Granger Avenues. George Reed, Inc. com­pleted the instal­la­tion of this lat­est sec­tion of the bike and pedes­trian trail in July, includ­ing land­scape and site fur­nish­ings such as benches, tables, path light­ing and “neigh­bor­hood trail entrances” at the street inter­sec­tions. The $3.35 mil­lion con­tract was largely funded by a $2.87 mil­lion State Urban Parks grant.

The Parks, Recre­ation and Neigh­bor­hoods Depart­ment has hired a con­sul­tant to design and pre­pare con­struc­tion doc­u­ments for Phase V of the project from Granger to Bowen Avenues, includ­ing a new pedes­trian and bike bridge over Brig­gsmore Avenue. The con­sul­tant and staff have held two pub­lic design work­shops for this project in order to develop a design that is func­tional, aes­thet­i­cally pleas­ing and has a pos­i­tive impact on the neigh­bor­hood. Con­struc­tion for this phase is antic­i­pated to com­mence in Feb­ru­ary 2010 and will take 14 months to complete.

Phase VI of the project will con­tinue the trail from Bowen Avenue to Woodrow Avenue in North Modesto, for a total trail length of 2.65 miles. Phase VI is antic­i­pated to start con­struc­tion in April of 2010.

Virginia Corridor Trail

For more infor­ma­tion, call (209) 577‑5437 or e-mail

To find out how you can help the Vir­ginia Cor­ri­dor Trail­way project, click here.

Tuolumne River Regional Park

The Tuolumne River Regional Park (TRRP) con­sists of over five-hundred acres of park­land that runs along seven river miles of the Tuolumne River from the Mitchell Street Bridge east to the Car­pen­ter Road Bridge in Stanis­laus County. Five major areas make up TRRP, includ­ing the Legion Park/Airport Area, the Gate­way Par­cel, Mancini Park, the Dry­den Park Golf Course Area and the Car­pen­ter Road Area. These areas include devel­oped park sites in Legion Park and a ripar­ian habi­tat in the Gate­way Par­cel. The park is being built through a joint pow­ers agree­ment with the City of Modesto, City of Ceres and County of Stanis­laus. Click here for more infor­ma­tion (view the TRRP Gate­way Pre­cise Plan — Sum­mary Report or the Mas­ter Plan at the bot­tom of the Parks section).

Tuolumne River Regional Park

What is Your Perception of Modesto?

As announced by Modesto City Beat and on

A group of com­mu­nity mem­bers is set­ting out to improve the image of Modesto. As a part of that process, they want to bet­ter under­stand people’s per­cep­tions of the com­mu­nity and what the community’s per­ceived strengths and weak­nesses are. The sur­vey will be uti­lized by this group of com­mu­nity mem­bers, part­ner­ing with local busi­ness and pub­lic sec­tor lead­ers, to reshape the image and per­cep­tions of Modesto in the future. Click [here] to com­plete the short survey.”

This is a great oppor­tu­nity to have your voice heard and help shape the city you call home.

The City of Modesto’s Neigh­bor­hood Envi­ron­men­tal Action Team (N.E.A.T.) pro­gram is a fun, edu­ca­tional and worth­while oppor­tu­nity for you, your orga­ni­za­tion or your busi­ness to gain city-wide recog­ni­tion while help­ing save tax­payer dol­lars. You can help beau­tify our com­mu­nity by adopt­ing and car­ing for a N.E.A.T. area. For more infor­ma­tion, click here.

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