11 Dimensions

The Work

My visual arts research explores the relationship between the immediate environment, the audience, and the artist, as interactive media and […]

Dreams of Affection

Dreams of Affection

  This dance-for-film piece, directed by Jessica Gomula-Kruzic, is based on Broughton’s poem Always, Ever, and Only. The choreographer, Nicole […]

Modesto 2034

Modesto 2034

A location based choose-your-adventure style alternate reality game set in the year 2034. During game play participants will scan QR […]

Modesto Modernism

Modesto Modernism

In the middle decades of the 20th century, the Modernist architecture of Modesto, California, was on the cutting edge and […]

Building Imagination Center

Building Imagination Center

The Building Imagination Center is an exhibit space for the visual arts, with a focus on contemporary visual art and the creation […]



The Building Imagination Initiative’s Alternate Reality Game aimed at changing the world for the public good, PLAY was invited to […]

11 Dimensions

Eleven Dimensions

An investigation of the third, fourth, fifth… and all eleven dimensions, this video work was created specifically for Double Vision’s […]

Coming Soon: New Science Museum!

Coming Soon!

A visual exploration of Modesto’s low quality of life ranking, and a re-imagining of ways for the city to become […]

Submerged Performance


Collaborating with DOUBLE-VISION, Submerged is a video response to Modesto’s water uses and issues. This video poetically explores some key […]

Dream Garden

Dream Garden

The Dream Garden allowed the public to create fabric flowers from used clothing, and then write their personal dream in […]

Chalk Walk

Chalk Walk of Art

A public art project created during the LOVE Modesto April 2013 event. The Chalk Walk of Art recreated a large-scale […]

10th Street

Meet Your Neighbor

In the Summer of 2011, the residents of Modesto were greeted with the smiling faces of their neighbors. In shop […]


Euphemistic GMO

When genetic mutations occur, either naturally or through forced recombination, all sorts of wondrous things may occur. As the audience […]



A video response to Modesto’s repeated rank­ing as the most unliv­able city of its size in the coun­try. Modesto’s prob­lems […]



A complexly layered piece, this two-part interactive and live-participation installation uses the audience to help create the sound score. A […]

gasoline puddles

Gasoline Puddles

Gasoline touched rain puddle create rainbows because the oil and water interface reflects light at different frequencies, and at different […]

Gold for Aphrodite

Gold for Aphrodite

A visual juxtaposition of prayers for the Goddess of Love juxtaposed with the neon signs for actual strip-clubs. This project […]